Villain Names:- 899+ Super Cool Hottest Villain Name Ideas

Villain Names

Villain Names have you heard about it yes am I right, As you had known my today post is all about the villain who is some bad and some good.

Before starting the names of villains first I want to know who your favourite villain or Hero might be your favourite hero.

But if you ask me who is my favourite I would say, villain.

As every movie has one villain either movie in Bollywood or Hollywood without a villain movie would not be complete.

That is why I love this topic I hope you love it too in this post I am just sharing the most interesting villain names that could be funny, best, awesome, creative, unique, bad, good, smart, ugly, horrible, and so on.

As you, in Bollywood movies, the villain is very funny and horrible and if I am talking about Hollywood movies there would be most of the time animals, technology villains and most of the time Humans could be.

Do you know the Most famous Villain in Bollywood?

Answer: Mogambo ( Amrish Puri) and their dialogue were been famous (Mogambo Khus Hua!)

But there are the most famous villain in Hollywood the name Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs

As you can see in the movie they are the best Villain characters names of Villain.

Funny Villain Names of the Bollywood

Here are some amazing Bollywood Movie Villain Names that might be funny. Are you looking at Monk Names too?

  • Mogambo
  • Shakaal
  • Crime-Master Gogo
  • Dr Dang
  • Khokha Singh
  • Loin
  • Kesariya Villayati
  • A brush
  • Lotiya Pathan
  • Langda Tyagi
  • Colonel Chikara
  • Pralaynath Gendaswamy
  • General Dong

Best Villain Names

  • The Scarlet Siren
  • The Lucky Mugger
  • The Puzzling Merlin
  • The Bizarre Butcher
  • Captain Harsh Cheetah
  • Mister Infamous Scout
  • Agent Brass Nighthawk
  • Accidental Vampire
  • Sly
  • Freeze Frame
  • The Psychotic Freak
  • The Incredible Gladiator
  • The Smooth Arsonist
  • The Devilish Hawk
  • Ruthless Mercenary
  • Master Awful Fool
  • Ice Enchanter
  • Fluffy Fighter
  • Atomic Machine
  • Explore

Good Villain Names

  • The Spooky Macaw
  • The Devilish Axeman
  • The Unwritten Illusionist
  • The Smelly Bat
  • Loud Nightowl
  • Nifty Moth
  • Towering Gloom
  • Last Smasher
  • Black Cat
  • Vampirella
  • The Ancient Slayer
  • The Messy Panther
  • The Foolish Robber
  • The Flashy Gunner
  • Captain Impossible Wolfman
  • Doctor Incredible Seer
  • Master Dirty Hornet
  • Mighty Ninja
  • Crazy Coyote
  • Gamma

Bad Guy Names

  • Captain False Katana
  • Yellow Cheat
  • Snow Storm
  • Savage Starling
  • The Poor Sparrow
  • The Vengeful Armadillo
  • Marked Hawk
  • The Bitter Prince
  • The Venomous Eagle
  • Old Charmer
  • Master Elite Sparrow
  • Terrific Sentinel
  • Disembowler
  • Minimizer
  • The Smelly Spider
  • The Lonely Eagle
  • Fiery Condor
  • Curious Barbarian
  • Wacky Villain
  • The Storm Jester
  • The Nifty Villain
  • Master Bronze Ibis
  • Faye Tallflawes
  • Earthshatter
  • The Opposite Shield
  • The Broken Slayer
  • Little Bat
  • Master Brass Eagle
  • The Careless Spy
  • The Thunder Illusionist
  • Gigantic Knuckles

Evil Villain Names

  • The Maniacal Termite
  • The Bronze Dagger
  • The Galactic Conjurer
  • The Wacky General
  • Gifted Banshee
  • Gigantic Wonder
  • Captain Jealous Horror
  • Agent Proud Ox
  • Earthshatter
  • Lead Beetle
  • The Unknown Beetle
  • The Second Spy
  • The Mean Trident
  • The Upset Gorilla
  • Captain Delirious Murderer
  • Count Eager Mothman
  • Agent Dynamic Nightowl
  • Gruesome Spider
  • Micros
  • Venom Hunter

Super Villain Names

  • Needy Swordsman
  • The Violet Snipe
  • The Pink Crane
  • Professor Poor Criminal
  • Broad Spirit
  • Count Handy Eagle
  • Poison Princess
  • The Black Falcon
  • The Tricky Demon
  • Captain Fluffy Crow
  • The Spooky Cat
  • The Confident Moth
  • Queen Cobra
  • The Wild Prodigy
  • Filthy Murderer
  • Professor Undefeated Hawk
  • Master Gigantic Gangster

Female Villain Names

  • The Fiery Thief
  • Mammoth Crook
  • Foolish Masquerade
  • Outrageous Seer
  • Ruth Lessheart
  • Arachnids
  • The Drunk Gorilla
  • The Flashy Brute
  • Silverclaw
  • The Adorable Giant
  • The Loud Jester
  • Naughty Illusionist
  • The Wrong Magician
  • The Massive Horror
  • Commander Venomous Antman
  • Lord Nasty Comedian
  • Captain Electron Jester
  • Remix

Awesome Villain Names

  • The Tricky General
  • The Venomous Ox
  • The Gigantic Fox
  • The Giant Devil
  • Red Assassin
  • Wacky Marksman
  • Outrageous Sage
  • Lord Terrific Swine
  • Doctor Millipede
  • Moonstar
  • Young Gladiator
  • The Harsh Bear
  • The Confident Demon
  • The Orange Shade
  • Fluffy Mothman
  • Agent Ruthless Smasher
  • Rare Master
  • Mean Hawk
  • Phantom Trickster
  • Aquila

Evil Villain Names Male

  • The Talented Raven
  • The Dirty Devil
  • The Quantum Hornet
  • The Quiet Haunt
  • Count Laughing Mole
  • Armed Spectacle
  • Doctor Shaggy Scepter
  • Groovy Armadillo
  • Benny Diction
  • Master Merlin

Fantasy Villain Names

  • The Repulsive Grasshopper
  • The Maniacal Elephant man
  • The Wise Whiz
  • The Shaggy Swan
  • Master Curious Prince
  • Agent Water Cheat
  • Ruthless Swindler
  • Count Elegant Fox
  • Atomic Machine
  • The Wanderer

Dangerous Villain Names

  • The Towering Doctor
  • The Whispering Jester
  • The Ancient Beetle
  • The Pathetic Dagger
  • Jolly Eagle
  • Captain First Crow
  • Master Bronze Swan
  • Unusual Genius
  • Atomic Machine
  • Fallen Angel

Villain Name Generator

  • The Upset Fox
  • The Yellow Murderer
  • The Odd Mage
  • The Dazzling Sentinel
  • Aggressive Thief
  • Master Laughing Gangster
  • Real Swine
  • Handy Arsonist
  • Rancid Randy
  • Viktoria


If you are looking for names of villains now you will be surprised I have shared a funny Villain names list along with the best, Unique, And a top list of names. What are the names of the villains? that is powerful when you are choosing a name for a villain the checklist above that will help you a lot.

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